Why You Need to Drink Enough Water

How It Affects Your Kidneys

We all know that drinking water is important. We are told to drink at least eight glasses a day and we are reminded about it by the ever-present water bottle on our desks. But how does this affect your kidneys? With enough water you can even dissolve kidney stones without having to go to physician.

The kidneys have an essential role in regulating blood pressure, filtering out toxins, maintaining electrolyte balance and removing excess fluid from the body via urine. In order to function properly, they need plenty of fluids which should be around 60 oz per day (just over two liters). These fluids will keep the kidneys healthy and in good working order.

Dissolve Kidney Stones

A few simple changes in how you hydrate can make a big difference, not only on your health but also on your wallet. Although bottled waters are convenient, they’re expensive and produce tons of plastic waste each year which we have no way of recycling or disposing safely without harming nature. By simply filling up reusable bottles, we can save money and help the environment at the same time.

What is your favorite way to drink enough water? Bottled or tap? I love drinking from a reusable bottle, it makes me feel really good about not throwing away bottles every day! In order for our kidneys to function properly they need plenty of fluids which should be around 60 oz per days (just over two liters). This will keep them healthy and working well.

– Drinking water from a reusable bottle helps the environment by not producing plastic waste.

– A large percentage of Americans don’t drink enough water, so drinking more can help to prevent kidney disease and other health problems.

– Not only does it make your body healthier but it also saves you money in the long run!