How To Surprise Your Loved One

Custom Gifts That Will Make Them Smile

You love your partner. You would like to give them something special, but you haven’t got any ideas about what they might like…

The best thing that you can do is coming up with a unique idea by yourself! We at Lastdropmugs shop have made some research and come up with the following list of five gifts which are not only original but also very practical. Let’s see how many there will be on their wish list! Is it more than one? If so then continue reading this guide as we will teach you how to make all three gifts !

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A personalized key chain is one of the most popular custom gift ideas, so let’s start with it. You can find many different key chains online but you might not be able to customize them as much as you would like. You know that your girlfriend is a great baker and loves eating cake every now and then? Surprise her by getting this cute customized cupcake shaped key chain! She will love it because she gets both an adorable accessory for her keys plus an exclusive reminder about your time together (that delicious cupcake which made its way into their favorite memory). This personalized key ring is easy to make: just upload some pictures from your memories on PicMonkey , resize/crop them until they fit nicely onto the charm, choose if you want text over and many other things.

A personalized mug is both, practical and unique. You can find many different mugs online but not all of them will fit your desires for this special custom gift idea. Have you seen that scene in the movie when she has just moved into her new apartment? The one with a white mug on the table filled with brown liquid which is actually coffee… Well, if their favorite drink is espresso then surprise them by getting this cute personalized monogram mug with their initials over it! Not only they will be able to enjoy every cup of morning coffee from now on while thinking about how much you care about them but also because there are endless customizable options available out there.