Getting Hired as a Mover: Is It Dangerous?

Dangerous Jobs: The Truth Behind the Numbers

While it might seem that moving furniture is a simple task, there are many dangers involved. Moving jobs companies face the risk of physical injury every day, as well as the potential for damage to their property. Furthermore, they must also contend with customer carelessness and other factors outside of their control.

Contact moving companies in your area to learn more about their safety policies. They will be able to provide you with information about the dangers involved in this profession.

Moving Jobs

Don’t overload yourself with tasks during a move. Take breaks, and allow for adequate time to ensure that you’re not putting extra pressure on your body throughout the long day.

Wear gloves and appropriate safety gear to help protect you from sharp objects and other potential dangers.

Use furniture pads when moving delicate items, and avoid dragging them across the floor if possible. Consider using a dolly for small or lightweight pieces of furniture instead of hand-carrying them up stairs.

Ask for help from others when lifting or moving large pieces of furniture. It may take more than one person to get the job done properly, and you’ll be able to avoid injury in the process.

Don’t move heavy items up a flight of stairs without a plan for how you’ll do it. For example, prop open the door at the top with something like an ironing board so that you can work your way down as opposed to going back and forth with smaller items on each trip up and down.

If anything feels off during your move (including pain), stop what you’re doing immediately! If possible, ask someone else who has been helping out if they will finish transporting this particular item while continuing any other tasks until he’s finished?

It is important that you take precautions during any move in order to minimize risk factors involved in this line of work.