Financial Assistance in West Kentucky

The state of Kentucky offers many programs for West Kentucky residents. The first and most important step is to visit your local office and get help from the people who know. They can direct you to resources that are available in your area. Many times they have applications or forms there, but if not, a simple call to the 800 number will get it in the mail promptly. Below is a list of known programs that may be able to assist you with your West Kentucky needs.

1.) Kinship Navigator Program: This program offers kinship navigators for families who are caring for children but whose income is too high to qualify for Temporary Assistance (TA) or TANF. A parent or guardian must be receiving some cash assistance and the child(ren) must meet eligibility criteria, which includes having at least one member of a household receiving Cash Assistance and be less than 19 years old; living with an adult relative; provide care for the minor child(ren); Not currently married even if legally separated or not in an extramarital relationship; does not live with their parent/guardian legal authority permanently, and has no other caregivers able to claim them as a dependent on their taxes. The main objective of the program is to ensure that children who are not legally eligible for TANF or other benefits are cared for in a healthy environment by a responsible adult when appropriate.

2.) Youth Incentive Program: This program seeks to provide an incentive to youth and/or young adults aged 19-26 years old who reside in Jefferson County Kentucky (West KY area) to remain drug-free, employed (where applicable), in school (high school graduate or GED) or engaged in education activities related to employment training, and family care responsibility.

3.) Pathway To Success Program: The purpose of the Pathway to Success Vouchers is so low-income students can continue attending high school while living with parents, relatives or guardians. The program assists low-income students by allowing them to rent a bedroom in the home of their parent(s) or guardian(s) and continue attending school while living at home as opposed to paying for food, clothing, etc.

4.) Child Welfare Prevention Services: Program & Family Preservation Program: The purpose of the program is to provide financial assistance for child-related services and family-related services as defined by this policy. To the extent that funding permits, MAES will assist eligible families with services which include food, shelter, clothing, medical and dental care/expenses; personal necessities such as toiletries; utility bills; repair or replacement of essential items like beds or furniture; transportation expenses; moving costs associated with escaping from domestic violence situations; child care when needed to enable parent(s)/guardian(s) to work or attend an education activity (e.g., GED classes); assistance in paying off delinquent debts including mortgages and rent payments when a subsidy is available; assistance to families being evicted due to non-payment of utility bills; and emergency needs as determined by the caseworker. Families must provide proof of indigency to qualify for financial assistance through this program.